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No matter what the fly fishing situation is, there's a tool for it, and tools for your tools, and tools to organize your tools for your tools. Redundant? Perhaps. Unnecessary? Not a bit. But let's not limit the application to fly-fishing. Certain tools work in multiple situations. Forceps always come in handy, especially when small things fall in hard-to-reach places or get stuck in the vacuum cleaner. Nippers? A last minute nail-trim as you're coming off the water to dine with your spouse. Tippet carriers can double as toilet paper dispensers in a pinch. Well, anyway, MOST of these accessories can easily serve more than one purpose. Get creative and perhaps you'll find your bookkeeper a reason to get more.
Fly Tying Accessories


Split Shot

Strike Indicators

Tippet Carriers


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Boss Tin 4 Compt Split Shots

Loon Essentials Kit

Loon Fly Tying Tool Kit

Loon Hot Box Fly Box

Loon Line Clean Up Kit

Loon Rogue Micro Scissor Forceps

Loon Skinny Water Camo Drops

Loon Tippet Holder

Loon Tippet Stack

Loon UV Nano Light

Loon UV Nano Light

Scientific Anglers WF-8-F Frequency Boost Fly Line

Simms Artist Trucker Brown

Simms Artist Trucker Redfish

Simms Bass Flag Trucker

Simms Bass Icon Trucker Hat

Simms Bass Icon Trucker Hat

Simms Bass Icon Trucker River Camo

Simms Bass Logo Lockup Cap

Simms Bass Patch Trcker

Simms Bass Patch Trcker Anvil

Simms BugStopper LS Shirt Plaid

Simms BugStopper Net Cap

Simms BugStopper Net Sombrero

Simms Ebb Tide LS Shirt

Simms Guide Pant

Simms Oil Cloth Hat

Simms Purple Haze Trucker

Simms Ripstop Cap Fog

Simms Small Fit Tarpon Icon Trcuker

Simms Sun Shield Hat

Simms Tactical Trucker Hat River Camo

Simms Trout Icon Trucker River Camo

Simms Trout Icon Trucker TumbleW

Simms Women's Solar Sombrero

Simms Women's Solar Sombrero