Ice Fishing

Alright, let's face it. People associate ice fishing with sitting on a bucket on a frozen lake in a snowstorm, staring at a kid-sized rod, getting hypothermia and frostbite, and generally trying not to die. But anyone who's actually done it can't get enough of it. Why so? What is it about pulling fish through an 8 inch hole that's so addicting? I'm not going to pretend to answer the question, but I will suggest trying it out for yourself sometime. You might just be surprised.
Ice Augers
Free advice: don't let the availability of your buddy's auger determine the possibility of your ice fishing day. Get your own. It's not that bad, and it'll save you the headache of postponing a morning on the ice 'cause you can't punch a hole through it.

Ice Fishing Accessories
There's always something to make life easier. It's no different for ice fishing. Find all those wonderful little things that will make your day more productive, or at least bearable, if you do get skunked. Not that you would in any universe.

Ice Fishing Reels
No, you don't need a huge reel to land huge fish, especially through the ice. A little bit of patience, a bit of play, and a decent inline or spinning reel will do the trick nicely. Well, as long as the fish will fit through an 8 inch hole...