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So what makes a good lure and why? In the end, if it catches fish. If it can't do that, it's not a good lure. Which severely limits the everyday angler, because we don't have the bucks to spend buying everything out there to figure out which will work and which won't. So it becomes either: a) a guessing game or b) an advice game. In the first case, we can look at established behavior patterns of feeding fish and try to find a suitable imitation to the natural process. In the second case, we can take Grampa's word for it, because he always came home with fish. We recommend a hearty mix of both. We'll try to tell you why we think these lure SHOULD catch fish and then tell you whether we've actually had success with them. You can take everything with a grain of salt and make an informed decision on what will probably work. That's as good as we can get.