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Ski / Snowboard Equipment Rental Form

*** We are no longer accepting reservations for Spring Break (March1st-March21st). But DON'T PANIC!!! We have plenty of gear left...just not enough room to store the gear in our archery lanes. So come on in and we'll get you squared away.

Skier Types

Don't know your Skier Type?

Type -1: You've never skied before, you're over 50, and you've just had knee surgery. Your bindings will release if you sneeze.
Type 1: You've never skied before, or you're super-timid about this whole skiing thing still.
Type 2: You're starting to get the hang of this, and you want to explore the mountain a bit more.
Type 3: You're rocking blacks all day long, and would rather not spend your time digging for your ski in powder.
Type 3+: You want your leg to break before your bindings release.