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Only years of experience can give you the level of expertise
like the Ski and Bow Rack!


Want to snowboard like Shawn White, Mark McMorris, or Jamie Anderson?

We have the boards and the snow to get you started at Ski and Bow Rack. We carry two of the biggest names in boards: Burton and Ride. We also have our nature-friendly "Arbor" boards.
Got Snow? Its always in abundance at Wolf Creek, just 23 miles from our front door. Come by Ski and Bow Rack where we will get you boarding like a pro.

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Demo Snowboard Package:
High Performance
Cambered Board
BOA Boots
Performance Snowboard Package:
Rocker Technology
BOA Boots
Great for beginners
Sport Snowboard Package:
Great value
Cambered Board
Not available for Reservations


Demo Camber Snowboard pkg   per day - $50  
Demo Camber Board only   per day - $45  
Performance Rocker Board pkg   per day - $40  
Performance Rocker Board only   per day -$35  
Jr Snowboard pkg*   per day - $22  
BOA Boots only   per day - $18  
Lace Boots only   per day - $12  

Rent 3 or more consecutive days - get 10% off rentals
Rent 4 consecutive days - get your 5th day FREE!
Up to three days of rentals will be subtracted from the purchase of equipment!

*Kids have to be smaller than 4’4” or ride a board smaller than 139cm.