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Tired of the whole land-dweller-ruled-by-gravity thing? Stop on by and snag a board so you can float in some cloud-like powder or huck yourself into the great unknown for some epic sends. After all, we can't let birds have all the fun flying through the air--that's a monopoly that's got to stop!

Then again, maybe you're not quite ready to fly like an eagle, but you still want to explore the high-grade cool factor of snowboarding. No problemo! We've also got the best boards on the market for learning to ride.



Demo Snowboard Package:
Great for intermediate & advanced riders
Wide Selection of High Performance Rocker & Camber Boards
BOA Boots
Performance Snowboard Package:
Great for beginner & intermediate riders
Catch-Free Rocker Board
BOA Boots


Demo Snowboard pkg   per day - $50  
Demo Board only   per day - $45  
Performance Board pkg   per day - $40  
Performance Board only   per day -$35  
Jr Snowboard pkg*   per day - $22  
BOA Boots only   per day - $18  
Lace Boots only   per day - $12  

Value Season - 10% off rentals. Ask us about our value season dates!
Rent 3 or more consecutive days - get 10% off rentals
Rent 4 consecutive days - get your 5th day FREE!
Up to three days of rentals will be subtracted from the purchase of equipment!

*Kids have to be smaller than 4’4” or ride a board smaller than 139cm.