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"And if I need a little guidance (or a lot?), what's the deal with your Guided Trips?"

So here's the skinny: give us a call to book your trip. Sometimes we can make walk-in's happen, but most of the time we look at the schedule, give a shrug and a sigh, and say, "Sorry, we're booked." The sooner the better, as our guided trips fill up quickly, especially during the summer.

And if you've never fly-fished a day in your life, but have always wanted to try, a guided trip may be just the thing for you. Our guides are excellent instructors (very patient) and will help you develop healthy casting habits, train you to read the water, tie on flies, the works, basically, and mold you into a confident, independent angler.

But perhaps you're a seasoned veteran. Take a guided trip to get the low-down on how to fish the area, then spend the rest of the week slamming fish instead of trying to figure it out on your own. Besides, there's always some little trick-o-the-trade you can learn to make life easier later.

Rates: Please Call (970)-264-2370 or email for details

Full-Day Guided Trips include lunch & drinks, transportation, and all fishing equipment.
Half-Days do not include lunches.

*Not Included in Prices on Guided Trips: Fishing License or Gratuities for Guides.