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Fly Fishing

It's the rhythm of the thing. Sure, nothing beats seeing that dry fly disappear and netting a beautiful cutthroat. But you don't have to. The conversations of the river, the rustle of the pines in the breeze, just standing there in the water flinging a fly is enough. You're nodding your head already, right? For those who'd rather wade a river than lounge on a couch, we have all the gear you need to make your venture successful--whether you land fish or not.
Fly Fishing Accessories
These are all the wonderful little tools that make life easier on the water. These are also all the wonderful little expenses that never need itemized receipts, lest the bookkeeper at home start squawking too much.

Fly Fishing Clothing
Do you need clothes like these to catch fish? False. Will clothes like these help you catch more fish? False'ish. Will you appreciate the investment you make to fish in clothes like these? True, time and again.

Fly Fishing Combos
Let's face it: combos often get a bad rep. But they have their place. For those who are just getting started, for those who don't have the money to invest much in the sport, or for those who never liked homework, a combo could be perfect for you.

Fly Fishing Packs
You don't need a vest, you know. In fact, in terms of simplicity, ease of access, and pure functionality, a pack may serve you better. Don't get caught in the swirling vortex of mediocrity just because it's "the way things are."

Fly Fishing Rods
Stiffer, better, faster, stronger. That's the mantra of the fly-rod industry. But how stiff is stiff enough? How much power do you really need? What the heck is a five weight anyway? And WHY are they so pricey? Find most of the answers inside.

Fly Line
The art of fly casting lies in your control of the rod and the line. The chemistry between these two is a crucial balance of weight and power--one that could explode in your face. But when you nail it? *heavenly music begins*

You could land a hundred fish without a net, I know, but as soon as you leave it at home, you'll snap off a monster at your feet. If you don't own a net, you probably know this feeling all too well. Go ahead and splurge, just to minimize regret.

Tenkara Gear
Simple, elegant, practical. This traditional Japanese form of fly-fishing is turning heads in the west. It has never been so easy to catch wary trout on small mountain streams. Jump on board this Tenkara train and see what everyone's talking about.

Nothing is more important than your tippet. Except maybe your fly. But if you can't keep the fly attached to your leader, you're shot. Point is, choose wisely. Well, and practice those knots.


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