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Okay. You've dished out some big bucks to get a quality rod and a decent reel. Or your fourth. But at some point that little Scottish version of your grandpa starts shouting in your brain, "ENOUGH alreedy! Quet yer spendin 'fer et berns a 'ole in yer poeckit!" Now, is going cheap on fly line a good idea? It's certainly tempting. But no. Not even a little bit. Banish the idea altogether. Remember, you cast the line, not the fly. If you can't cast where you want, you'll spend the day frustrated instead of holding fish. Don't handicap yourself all year long because you went stingy on line. Also remember, although expensive fly lines are more up front, part of what you're paying for is durability, so in the long run, it's absolutely worth it. So step on in, and let's chat about tapers, technique, and fly-size (among other things) and find the line that's right for you.
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