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Spin Fishing

There are all sorts of fantastic ways to spend a day fishing. Rivers, lakes, streams, ponds, irrigation ditches, never know where you'll run into fish. And as many and varied are the locations and types of fish in those locations is the gear required to pull them out of the water. In fact, we could all probably spend a small fortune on the sport (if we haven't already) purchasing gear for just our area, much less any other place. So how do we pare this down into manageable slices of our income? Make smart, informed, decisions. Time to get educated; start below.
Conventional Fishing Rods
How do you judge a good rod? Accuracy, sensitivity, hook-setting power, action, weight, durability, and, of course, whether it puts a smile on your face. Now, if you don't care about any of that, you can judge a rod by looking at the price tag.

The hook is the fundamental connection between you and fish. Incidentally, it's also the most precarious connection. Make sure this connection holds with quality hooks. Or wind up chucking your rod into the trees in sheer frustration. Your choice.

Whether you need high-strength braid, versatile copolymer, invisible fluorocarbon, or just plain ole fishin' line, we got your back. As long as you admit you need new line, anyway. Getting you to that point, however, may take some doing, I hear.

Plastic Baits
Nothing beats feeling that tap, tap, tap as a Largemouth munches a Senko. The fateful pause, and then BAM! you dot his eyes. It's hard to go wrong with plastics any time of the year.

Rod/Reel Combos
It's that great first leap: from a hand-me-down relic or garage-sale experiment to your very own, brand-new fishing set up. Perhaps it's a little scary. Perhaps it's a sign of things to come. But it's certainly about time!

"It don't matter the bait if you ain't got the weight." Whatever it is you figure the fish are gonna love, if they can't find it, you're in a world of hurt. Get it down with tungsten, tin, anything but lead, ideally, and get on with the catching!


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